Garden Benches

Teak Garden Benches

At in2teak we have various designs and sizes of teak garden benches to meet your needs. Our benches are handcrafted from quality Indonesian teak. Indonesian teak is world wide reconsigned as one of the best teak in the world.

Why Teak for garden benches?

  • Teak is considered the Eco-friendliest timber due to its long life.
  • It is strong by nature and has natural resistance to termites and decay.
  • It will not break down in the sun like plastics.
  • Or rust like metal benches.
  • Plus it is less prone to the elements like other timbers.

Our teak benches can remain outdoors in any climate year round. Over time untreated teak when exposed to the sun will patina and turn a silvery grey colour giving it a timeless appeal. Should you wish to maintain its natural teak appeal you can apply either a teak oil or sealer to prevent the ageing process.