Teak Care

Teak is a deciduous natural hardwood and because of this fluctuations of temperature and humidity may cause surface cracking and in particular the end grains. This is normal and will not affect the durability or strength of the wood.

Left outdoors, untreated teak will adjust to the elements over the years and the colour of the wood will change to an attractive silver grey, aided only by an occasional washing with warm soapy water in order to discourage moss. You can either to leave your teak furniture to go a beautiful silvery grey, or choose to oil it.

Whilst you can oil teak we do not recommend it as you will be required to re oil your teak product every six (6) months to maintain its colour. However should this be your preface we would recommend Cabots Teak Oil.

Should you seek any further advice on the care of your teak product feel free to contact us via email at in2furnitureonline.com.au.

PE and Natural Wicker Care

Keeping your PE Wicker furniture out of direct sunlight will prolong its lifespan. Despite having UV-resistant properties it is not advisable to leave furniture in direct sunlight for prolonged periods if it can be avoided. You should use a cover to protect the wicker when not in use.  Soap and water should be used with a sponge to clean the furniture followed by rinsing with a hose. There is no need to paint or sand your PE outdoor furniture, or to apply a treatment seasonally.

Natural Wicker should be cared for in the same manner as PE Wicker however it is not suitable for leaving outside unless under cover and protected from rain.

Fabric Care               

Always read the fabric care tags that come with the new furniture before cleaning.

Taking cushions in when not in use will help to extend their good looks. In the winter, store cushions or slings out of the elements or, at least, keep them covered. Doing so will save a major spring clean up.

Outdoor Fabrics

Wash with a solution of soap or mild detergent and water. Rinse very thoroughly. Very important: Never use bleach or any other harsh cleaners.

100% Cotton and Linen Fabrics

Professional or dry clean only


 Insect repellents and suntan lotions can reduce the life of fabrics. To avoid damage, wipe clean as soon as possible and clean with mild laundry detergent and warm water.